Building Permits

The Town of Oxford has adopted Marquette County Zoning Code, Chapter 70. Starting in 2016 the Town of Oxford will need to be compliant with the Marquette County Zoning Ordinance which also includes a provision for Farmland Preservation. Any building projects will still require a permit from General Engineering, but property owners should contact the Marquette County Zoning Department first. For further information regarding specific details in the Marquette County Zoning Ordinance, please contact the Marquette County Zoning Office as listed below:

Marquette County Zoning Administrator

Tom Onofrey

PO Box 21
Montello, WI  53949

Phone: (608) 297-3036
Email: [email protected]

The Town of Oxford contracts with General Engineering for all building permit issues. Their contact information is listed below:

General Engineering

Portage, WI 53901
916 Silver Lake Drive
PO Box 340

Phone: (608) 745-4070
Email: [email protected]