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Storm Response
Sep 01, 2018

Town of Oxford

Storm Response


Friday, August 31, 2018


To the residents of the Town of Oxford:

Recent flooding and severe storms have taken a toll on the Town of Oxford, as they have on neighboring municipalities in Marquette County and across central Wisconsin.  Other areas have been especially hard hit with the effects of this severe weather. 

Outstanding Response

The Town of Oxford and our residents have responded in stellar fashion.  There were scores of examples of neighbor helping neighbor.  The Town worked quickly to assess the damage and reopen roads as quickly as possible.  We also relied on coordination with Marquette County government departments and private contractors to assist.  We’re grateful for the help provided by everyone to safely get roads opened as quickly as possible.


5th Drive is Closed Indefinitely

We now have just one road that remains closed in the Town of Oxford.  Our 5th Drive from Highway 82 to County Road D will remain closed until repairs can be made on a flood-damaged culvert.  Our hope is that no other roads will need to be closed due to further flood or storm damage.


Electrical Service

Electrical service has now been restored to most Town residents.  Electric utilities faced widespread power outages; downed trees and high water hampered their restoration efforts.  Their work will continue until everyone is restored to service.


Flooded Basement Concerns

Flooded basements are another concern for many Town residents.  The Marquette County Health Department is offering free cleanup kits.  Proper cleanup will help ensure that mold and other issues do not develop.  Please take advantage of the services being offered for your benefit.


Water-Damaged Items

The Town of Oxford dump site located at Endeavor Recycling in Endeavor is doing their best to increase services to prepare for an anticipated increase in the amount of water-damaged materials from flooded basements.  Again, please take advantage of this service to assist in your cleanup efforts. 


Tree and Brush Removal

Normally, the Town of Oxford does not provide pickup, removal, or a drop site for trees and brush.  These are extreme times and we realize some residents may have no options available to them. 


During the storm recovery period, trees and brush placed in the town road rights-of-way will be removed by the Town as part of our own clean-up process.  This can be for trees and brush only that is placed in the right-of-way.  No trash or other debris will be processed.  The Town cannot go on private property to assist with tree removal work.  Again, this service can exist only for the duration of the storm recovery period.  Budgets restrict us from offering this service indefinitely.  Please be patient.  An exact timeline has not been established for this work to begin.


Thank You

Finally, thank you to the residents of the Town of Oxford for your kind assistance and patience during these trying times.  It is greatly appreciated.


All the Best to all of Us.


Town of Oxford Board of Supervisors


Keith Wohlfert, Chair

Greg Goodhue, Supervisor

Steve Klump, Supervisor

Mary Walters, Clerk

Peggy Russell, Treasurer



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